Dear HCV Participant Families and HCV Landlords,

As you are all aware, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly within in the United States. The Housing Authority of the City of Winston-Salem is committed to the safety of all participants, landlords, and staff. Since this is new territory for all of us, we appreciate your understanding during this time. Please make note of the following changes to our practices for the foreseeable future.

Meetings – All previously scheduled meetings for the remainder of March and April will be rescheduled.. All management offices are closed to foot traffic at this time. All transactions shall be postponed, or handled by phone or email.

Recertifications – Recertifications will be completed once staff returns to the office. Participants will not be penalized for future late recertifications that are impacted during our absence due to COVID-19.

  • Walk-In Wednesday – Walk in Wednesday will be cancelled until further notice. Please call your specialist and discuss options for completing any changes you may have.
  • Transfer Briefings – Transfer briefings will be cancelled until further notice.

Inspections – All inspections are cancelled until further notice. If the unit is presently in abatement, and the unit passes inspection on the first inspection when we are cleared to inspection again, we will pay from the date that owner called the Inspections Department to inform us that the unit was ready for inspection.

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) - We anticipate that all payments will continue to be paid as normal, at this time.

We have staff available to process decreases in income and other limited changes or paperwork. We will have staff available to monitor telephone calls and emails and will respond as quickly as possible. For any change that we are unable to complete remotely, we will - make a note of the date and time that you called/emailed and the reason for your contact. Once we may return to the office, your specialist will follow-up to complete the change that you indicated. All HAP and utility checks will be paid based on the previous month. Any adjustments that we are unable to process remotely will be made later.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to protect vulnerable families in this time and seek to keep all members of our community safe and healthy. We appreciate your cooperation in these matters and are thankful for your support and participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. More information about the Coronavirus and HUD can be found at:

Best Regards,

Romonda Gaston
Director of the Housing Choice Voucher Program